ZKTeco Iface 201 - 301 - 401

iFace202 multi-biometrisk identifikation tid fremmøde og adgangskontrol terminal vedtager ZKTeco seneste platform med ZKFace algoritme og stor kapacitet hukommelse. Med den opgraderede hardware, kan det nu lagre op til 1200 ansigt skabeloner.

Det Integreret med 800MHz  ZK Multi-Bio processor og high definition infrarødt kamera gør det muligt for brugeren identifikation i mørke omgivelser. Ansigt og fingeraftryk multi-biometriske identifikationsmetoder gør det mere relevant. Multi-model kommunikation bestående af RS232 / 485, TCP / IP og Wi-Fi / GPRS (valgfrit) tillader en meget nem styring af data. Valgfri indbygget i 2000 mAh batteri eliminerer besværet med strømsvigt.


iFace201/301/401 is a series of multi-biometric time
attendance and access control terminals. With a modern
stylish design, it combines Facial, RFID and PIN
recognition. Equipped with our latest facial identification
algorithm, it captures the relative position, size and shape
of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw features. These
feature templates are used to match feature data when
users register on the terminal, converting the captured
features into value and comparing these to eliminate
variance. The iFace series integrated 630MHz high speed
ZK Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera
allows user identification in dark environments. Ideal for
Time and Attendance Management, this series can operate
on standalone mode, and also offers simple access control
features, providing a complete easy-to-use system for
small to medium installations.